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Neon Wizard Pro 6.5

Neon Wizard Pro is our premier software for the design and production of complete neon patterns for the most demanding jobs. This software provides the tools and capabilities to produce a complete and accurate neon pattern for the bender, as well as a truly realistic graphic preview of the finished sign. You can create channel letters with any number of tubes, including parallel tubes for big jobs, single line lettering including a connecting script font, automatic variable width double tube layouts for even lighting, and outline lettering. The list goes on and on.

Today, thousands of neon shops around the world are using Neon Wizard products to design and produce their patterns. These customers tell us they are saving 50% or more time in pattern production using Neon Wizard. Smaller shops can now take neon jobs, often producing the pattern with Neon Wizard and sending it to a wholesale shop for bending. The larger shops are more productive, especially on the large jobs, with Neon Wizard Pro at the core of their workflow.

With the release of Neon Wizard Pro 6, we are taking the next step in the evolution of the Neon Wizard product line. You can now do more in Neon Wizard than ever before, and this the best version of our software to date. If you have been waiting to evaluate Neon WIzard, now is the time.

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