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LED Wizard 7 Feature List

I = Improved in Version 7      N = Brand New for Version 7

Show only Version 7 improvements and new features

SL Sign Wizard Letter
SS Sign Wizard Scribe
SA Sign Wizard Advantage
SG Sign Wizard Grand
SP Sign Wizard Pro
NW Neon Wizard Std
N+ Neon Wizard Plus
NP Neon Wizard Pro

Fonts and Text
Direct Text Entry           NW N+ NP
Text Editing Property Bar           NW N+ NP
Auto Connecting Script Fonts           NW N+ NP
Individual Letter Spacing           NW N+ NP
Interactive Letter Spacing           NW N+ NP
Interactive Line Spacing           NW N+ NP
Interactive Rotating           NW N+ NP
Interactive Scaling           NW N+ NP
Interactive Slanting           NW N+ NP
Interactive Text on an Arc           NW N+ NP
Interactive Word Spacing           NW N+ NP
Neon Script Connecting Font           NW N+ NP
N Real Time Spell Checking           NW N+ NP
Text Notes           NW N+ NP
WYSIWYG Font List           NW N+ NP
Change Case             N+ NP
Vertical Text             N+ NP
Font Wizard               NP

Design Tools
Adjusting depth order           NW N+ NP
Adobe Type1 and OpenType font support           NW N+ NP
I Advanced, More Efficient Drawing Engine           NW N+ NP
N Align Two Objects without Guidelines with the Alt Key           NW N+ NP
Alignment           NW N+ NP
N Alt Select Mode           NW N+ NP
Anchor Points           NW N+ NP
I Arrow Tool           NW N+ NP
Auto Square           NW N+ NP
Border Tool           NW N+ NP
N Break Into Outer Loops           NW N+ NP
Color Management           NW N+ NP
Color Palette Navigator           NW N+ NP
Common Shapes           NW N+ NP
Distribute           NW N+ NP
Faster screen refresh           NW N+ NP
Full Color Animated Transformations           NW N+ NP
Grids           NW N+ NP
High Quality Anti Aliased Drawing Mode           NW N+ NP
History Window           NW N+ NP
Layers           NW N+ NP
Measure Tool           NW N+ NP
Mirror           NW N+ NP
Move to Layer           NW N+ NP
Nested Groups           NW N+ NP
Redo           NW N+ NP
I Rounded Rectangle           NW N+ NP
Rulers           NW N+ NP
N Snap a Guideline to an Object with Ctrl Key           NW N+ NP
Snap to Guidelines           NW N+ NP
Stack           NW N+ NP
Step and Repeat           NW N+ NP
Streamlined User Interface           NW N+ NP
Text Notes enhanced with Title and Fields           NW N+ NP
Automatic Vectorizing             N+ NP
Dimensioning             N+ NP
Hot Keys can be used without Control, Shift or Alt             N+ NP
Polygon/Star Tool             N+ NP
Styles             N+ NP
TWAIN Support             N+ NP
Color Vectorizing               NP
Height and Slant Options in Soft Shadow               NP

Common Weld           NW N+ NP
Contour Outline           NW N+ NP
I Warp           NW N+ NP
Weld           NW N+ NP
Cast Shadow             N+ NP
Drop Shadow             N+ NP
Inline/Outline             N+ NP
Knife             N+ NP
Text on a Path             N+ NP
Clipping Paths               NP
Extruded Shadow               NP
Perspective Shadow               NP
Soft Shadow               NP

Vector Graphics Tools
Adjustable tangency indicator           NW N+ NP
Bezier Tool           NW N+ NP
Improved AI filter: Versions 1.1, 3 through 6           NW N+ NP
Improved AI/EPS importing           NW N+ NP
Node Edit: Insert/Delete/Move/Break/Join           NW N+ NP
On Screen Digitizing           NW N+ NP
Optimize Vectors           NW N+ NP
PDF Import and Export           NW N+ NP
Sharp Corner Tool           NW N+ NP
Vector Filters: DXF,EPS,AI,EMF,more           NW N+ NP

Image Manipulation Tools
Bitmap Filters: BMP, JPEG, TIFF, more           NW N+ NP
Export Original Bitmap           NW N+ NP
Interactive Bitmap Rotate Tool           NW N+ NP
Adjust Bitmap Brightness             N+ NP
Adjust Bitmap Contrast             N+ NP
Adjust Bitmap Saturation             N+ NP
Crop Bitmap             N+ NP

Cutting/Plotting and Printing
All popular plotters/cutters supported           NW N+ NP
All Windows printers supported           NW N+ NP
Horizontal and Vertical Paneling           NW N+ NP
Mirror, Scale, Rotate (Plot Manager)           NW N+ NP
Network Plotting           NW N+ NP
Plot to File           NW N+ NP
Print Preview           NW N+ NP
Quick Plot           NW N+ NP
Step and Repeat (Plot Manager)           NW N+ NP
Streamlined Plot Manager           NW N+ NP
I USB Cutter Support for Summagraphics and Graphtec           NW N+ NP
Vertical Weed Lines in Plot Manager           NW N+ NP
Weed Border           NW N+ NP
I Weed Line Eraser           NW N+ NP
Windows Printer Driver           NW N+ NP
Channel Letter Return Patterns             N+ NP
Pen Fill             N+ NP
Routing/Engraving Support               NP

Productivity Tools
I Auto Save           NW N+ NP
Customizable Toolbar and Icons           NW N+ NP
Email Layout           NW N+ NP
Job Manager           NW N+ NP
Online Help           NW N+ NP
Spell Checker           NW N+ NP
Tool Tips           NW N+ NP
Unlimited Undo           NW N+ NP
Zooming           NW N+ NP
Programmable Hot Keys             N+ NP

Neon Design Tools
Add Blackouts           NW N+ NP
Add Common Housings           NW N+ NP
Add Mounting Holes           NW N+ NP
Add Tube Supports           NW N+ NP
Auto Tube Layout           NW N+ NP
Change Neon Tube Diameter Only           NW N+ NP
Connect Tubes           NW N+ NP
Create Custom Housings           NW N+ NP
Current Tube/Total Length Display           NW N+ NP
Insert Doublebacks           NW N+ NP
Maximum Tube Length           NW N+ NP
Move Opening, Break Tube Open           NW N+ NP
Neon Summary           NW N+ NP
Neonize           NW N+ NP
Raceway Support           NW N+ NP
Switch between drop/flat blend           NW N+ NP
Tube End Gap           NW N+ NP
Tube Support Holes           NW N+ NP
Neon Auto Tube Count             N+ NP
Neon Auto Spacing               NP
Neon Preview               NP
Neon Preview enhanced to work with Groups               NP
Parallel Tube Layout               NP

Wide Format Printing
CMYK and HSV Support           NW N+ NP
New Bitmap Filters: GIF, TIFF LZW           NW N+ NP
Stroke Support           NW N+ NP
Image Resampling             N+ NP
Windows Image Acquisition             N+ NP
External Image Edit               NP
Photomask               NP


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