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What is the Supplier Edition?

Critical to the value of LED Wizard is the accurate and up-to-date module and power supply data that is provided with the software. This data comes directly from our 60+ LED supplier partners. But how is this data added to the software, edited, tested, and deployed? Using the Supplier Edition.

The LED Wizard Supplier Edition is required of all LED suppliers who wish to distribute their brand of modules in the software.

Do I need the Supplier Edition or the Regular Edition?

Now that LED Wizard 7.1 supports the creation of "custom" modules, we must clarify the distinction between the Supplier Edition and the Regular Edition. If you want your modules to be distributed with the software as a "stock" brand or "factory" brand, then you need the Supplier Edition. This means that all of our users worldwide will have access to your brand of LEDs. If you want to use the software to create layouts using a "custom" brand of modules within your company only, and do not care about the rest of our users having access to the modules, then you can use the Regular Edition.

  Supplier Edition Regular Edition
LED Supplier
Sign Supply Dealer/Distributor
Wholesale Sign Company
Sign Company


If you are an LED supplier that sells a brand of LEDs globally or regionally, then you should use the Supplier Edition. If you are a sign supply dealer/distributor or a wholesale sign company and have your own private label brand of LEDs, you could consider either edition of the software. If you are sign company that uses various brands of LEDs for your channel letters and sign cabinets, then you should use the Regular Edition.

What can I do with the Supplier Edition?

  1. Add new modules.
  2. Edit existing modules.
  3. Sort the order of the modules.
  4. Create a custom module drawing.
  5. Enter module density guidelines.
  6. Enter/edit power supplies.
  7. Test any of the above in "development" mode.
  8. Deploy new modules/power supplies to the "production" server.
  9. Create a layout of all your modules and custom drawings.

If you have any additional questions about the Supplier Edition, please Contact Us.



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