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LED Modules

Choose from over 50 LED Suppliers See the complete list here.
Realistic Module Previews & Display Modules are shown to scale with correct number/color of LEDs.
Custom Module Drawings LED suppliers can create/submit custom module drawings.
Realistic Wiring Display Shows wires and indicates when a wire doesn't reach.
LED Supplier Density Guidelines LED Suppliers manage this data; ensures proper density.

File Import/Data Cleanup

Vector Formats – PDF, EPS, AI, DXF, ++ Standard vector file formats used in graphic design software.
Raster Formats – JPG, BMP, TIFF, PSD, ++ Standard raster (bitmap) file formats used in graphic design software.
File cropping in Import dialog box Crop out unnecesary data directly in the Import dialog box.
LED Extraction Tool Extract and scale just the data you want (i.e. the letters).
File previews See a preview of the file in the Import dialog box.
Import filtering options Skip Bitmaps, Skip Gradients, Skip Clipping Paths, Reorder Loops.
Copy & Paste from Corel Easy transfer of data back and forth from Corel Draw.
Reconnect Exploded Data (from AutoCAD) One step clean up of exploded data (disconnected vectors).
Recreate with Beziers Tool for cleaning up poor vector data.
Rasterize/Vectorize Filter Converts vector graphic to bitmap and re-vectorizes it to reduce data points.

Auto Population

Single Run (Centerline) Layouts Common for small/thin letters and/or bright modules.
Variable Stroke Width Fonts Thick and thin strokes requiring different numbers of runs per letter.
Serifs Fonts Special auto population routine to find and populate square serifs.
Block Letters Symmetical population for consistent stroke coverage.
Rounded and Script Fonts Traditional linear population for rounded characters.
Parallel Layouts - horizontal, vertical, & angled     Population for large and very large letters; any angle.
“Hybrid” Layout – parallel + inline Population with one inline and parallel fill.
Sign Cabinet – horizontal, vertical, & spiral         Even module population for any sign cabinet shape and size.
Density Guidelines from LED Suppliers Determines correct number of runs per stroke.
Override Density Guidelines Can adjust number of runs, stroke width, clearance, run gap.
Auto Stroke Width Detection Calculates widest stroke.
Can Depth Input Density adjustments based on can depth.
Linear Density Input Increase or decrease default module spacing on the wire.

PowerFlow Editing Tools

Click and drag to create centerline path Semi-Automatic population for connecting script fonts.
Click and drag on a module or selection to move Module can move on or off the guide path.
Rotate an individual module Option of using control points or shortcut keys.
Flip a module 180 degrees One step to flip a module for easier wiring.
Insert a module Click when module is green to insert.
Delete an individual module or selection Delete key; next module of run will be selected.
Shift+Click to make selections of multiple modules Can select any number of modules or runs.
Add modules to a selection to increase density Selection will automatically respace.
Delete modules from a selection to decrease density Selection will automatically respace.
Evenly space modules in a selection or run Ensures consistent module spacing.
Rotate modules of selection or entire run Incrementally, 45 degrees, 90 degrees.
Auto add modules to ensure correct spacing  As you rotate a selection, modules are added.
Convert to perpendicular alternate rotating Optimal perpendicular (90 degree) rotation and wiring.
Shift Inward and Shift Outward Shift a whole selection in and out from the return.
Center a selection in the stroke Auto centering of a selection.
Center selection in stroke and delete nearby run(s) Useful when converting from two runs to one.
Append a module to a selection Adds a module straight from last module or on guide path.
Convert selection to a Line Quick way to straighten a selection.
Fill to Cursor Populates a straight line between two points.
Break Run Opens the run at a certain module.
Move Opening Opens the run and connects at the old opening.
Copy and Paste a selection or entire letter Saves time by reusing previous work.
Set and view Density Targets Modules per foot/meter, modules per square foot/meter.
Add/Remove Density Segments View density for sections of letters.
Visual representation of density segments Blue = below target, Green=at target, Red=over target.
Stroke Circle (around cursor) Easy way to measure stroke widths.
Measure Tool Quick measurement tool within PowerFlow.

Power Supplies

Power supplies are defined by LED Suppliers Complete with proper dimensions, capacity, and margin.
Select compatible power supplies from list Choose proper power supply for the job.
Insert and Position Power Supplies You control where they are positioned.
Load Power Supplies Add one run or one letter at a time.
Power Supply Mode For adding multiple power supplies per letter.
View the load on each power supply By number of modules and percentage of capacity.
Add/Delete/Move power supplies Quickly optimize the layout with power supplies.
Power Supply data is part of Statistics See below for info on Statistics.

Statistics and Export

Create statistics per letter Number of modules, watts, density.
Create statistics for the whole job Modules, watts, power supplies.
Customize Statistics Edit text and content of the stats.
Pricing Summary Module and power supply pricing can be added.
Edit statistics display Move, resize, and respace stats in the layout.
Export statistics to Excel Can populate pre-formatted Excel template.
Create Title Block Template Boilerplate template to be used across all jobs.
Merge Title Block Current job will be scaled and placed in template.
Create and export module positioning guides Simple lines represent modules at full scale.
Export Scaled PDF Scales job to standard letter size and exports.
Export full scale PDF, EPS, AI, DXF, more Standard industry vector file formats.
Export selected Layers Letter outlines, modules, power supplies, module/power supply wires, dimensions, stats
Mounting Holes Define and insert mounting holes for routing.

Text, Layout, and Design Tools

Basic Text Entry Standard TrueType fonts.
Text Editing with Control Points Scale, Extend/Condense, Rotate, Slant, Heighten, Kerning.
Create basic Shapes Square, Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse, Rounded Rectangle, Polygon, Arrow.
Design Tools Rulers, Guidelines, Grid, Align, Distribute, Z-Order.
Basic Image Editing Tools Transparency, Crop, Rotate, Flip, Scale.
Vectorize - Black & White + Color Raster-to-Vector Conversion Tool.
Outline Increase or decrease letter stroke.
Weld overlapping vectors Connect script or serif letters, create custom sign cabinets.
On-Screen Digitize Manually trace a bitmap or create a custom vector shape.

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